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Publications in Western Canadian Women's History

Western Canadian women's history is an exciting -- and constantly expanding -- area of inquiry. Over the past few decades, a range of talented writers, historians, and artists have investigated women's lives in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia. The results of their research, which have often been published in magazines, journals, and books, represent an invaluable contribution to our understanding of western Canada.

Before you embark on your own explorations, you may find it helpful to investigate the writings of those who have made similar journeys. Often, just reading other people's work will spark new ideas and research leads. We recommend that you browse through the list below and jot down any of the entries in which you are interested. You could then contact your local librarian, to help track down copies of those materials.

List of Publications

If you are looking for other kinds of records, such as those held in archives or museums, please visit Our Collections and Collections Available Elsewhere.


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