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Collecting Women's Histories

Importance of Women's Records

Every day, women create letters, journals, photographs, emails, videotapes and other records that document their lives.....These records tell an important story, one that can inform and inspire others in untold ways.

Oral History and Memoir

Many women do not have collections of documents that provide the details of their life stories. Two other ways to record and preserve a woman's life story are to create an oral history or a memoir.

Donating Records

Most families today face the prospect of downsizing, or placing an older relative in a seniors' residence or care centre. That process includes deciding what to keep and what to give away or dispose.

Publications in Western Canadian Women's History

Over the past few decades, a range of talented writers, historians, and artists have investigated women's lives in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia. The results of their research, which has often been published in magazines, journals, and books, represents an invaluable contribution to our understanding of the history -- and possible futures -- of western Canada.



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