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Corporate Publications

Canada’s Welcome to Women

Produced in 1929 by the Colonization Department of the Canadian Pacific Railway, this booklet, written by Mabel Durham, provides basic information about Canada to potential European female immigrants. The booklet covers such topics as wages in Canada, housework in Canada, as well as general information about the country.

What Women Say of the Canadian North West

Published in 1886, this Canadian Pacific Railway pamphlet includes details on the granting of land as well as the thoughts and words of women on living in the west. Aimed specifically at female immigrants, this booklet was designed to answer questions women might have regarding home and family life in the Canadian west.

Women’s Work in Western Canada: A Sequel to What Women Say of the Canadian North West

Produced by the Canadian Pacific Railway Company in 1906, this booklet aims to give the history of women in the west by using the words of women themselves. Focusing on pioneer women in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta, this booklet provides insight into the lives of white women on the Canadian Prairies.

Household Work in Canada for Girls

Another publication of the Women’s Branch of the Department of Colonization of the Canadian Pacific Railway (1930), this booklet outlines the life young girls can expect in Canada in terms of work and family.

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