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Women’s Writings

A Home-Help in Canada: A First Hand Account of Domestic Service in Western Canada

This book details the experiences of Ella Constance Sykes, who travelled to Western Canada to work as a domestic servant in order to see the conditions in which British domestics worked. Though she concealed the names of the families she worked with, Sykes did travel and work in Alberta. Her findings are included in her book, which was published in 1912.

The Next of Kin: Those Who Wait and Wonder

Written by Nellie McClung in 1917, this short tale outlines McClung’s personal experiences during WWI as well as those of other women. Included, for example, is a chapter on ‘War Mothers’.

Junette, or, Are Women Just to one Another

Written by Irene Roy, this semi-autobiographical novel takes place in the areas of Winnipeg, Grouard, and Edmonton.

The Stream Runs Fast: My Own Story

Written by Nellie McClung, this piece is the second volume of her biography Clearing in the West. It details the later years of McClung’s life, focusing largely on the years 1896-1945. Included is a personal account of the ‘Famous Five’ case.

Clearing in the West: My Own Story

The first volume of Nellie McClung’s biography, this book details McClung’s early life including her childhood, marriage, and early activism.

Two Months in the Camp of Big Bear: The Life and Adventures of Theresa Gowanlock and Theresa Delaney

This book describes the personal accounts of two white women – Theresa Gowanlock and Theresa Delaney – who survived the Frog Lake Massacre and who were forced to spend two months in the camp of Big Bear.

The New North: Being Some Account of a Woman's Journey Through Canada to the Arctic

This travel book details the 16,000 km journey of Agnes Deans Cameron and her niece Jessie Cameron Brown, who travelled from Chicago to the Arctic Ocean and back. Cameron travelled through Winnipeg, Calgary, Athabasca, Great Slave Lake, Peace River, Lesser Slave Lake.

Seven Stories: Linh Nguyen

Fleeing Vietnam in 1953, Linh Nguyen’s immigration story is featured under the Glenbow Museum’s “Seven Stories” project. The project features the lives of seven East-Asians who made Calgary their home. Linh Nguyen is the only woman featured in this digital exhibition.

Canadian Letters and Images Project

This website is an online archive of the Canadian war experience. Profiling digitized primary material from Canadians involved in armed combat prior to WWI up to the Korean War, the Canadian Letters and Images Project provides insight into Canada's wartime experiences through letters. While the letters are almost exclusively written by men, the recipients of these letters are generally mothers, sisters, wives, and sweethearts. Occasionally, photos of servicemen with their wives and girlfriends or other female relatives can be found. All letters are fully transcribed and digitized versions of the original documents can also be viewed.

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