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Canadian Archives and Resources

A Lifetime Day by Day: Five Women and their Diaries

Archives Canada

A Woman’s Place: Programming for the Modern Homemaker

Canadian Committee on Women’s History

Canadian Genealogy and History

Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives

Pioneering Canadian Women in Sports

Celebrating Women’s Achievements

Digital Image Gallery (Women in Sports – Newfoundland) A Guide to Women in Canadian History

History of Canadian Wrens

Japanese Canadian Museum

Library and Archives of Canada

Living Memory: Women

The Canadian Oral History Association

The Women's History Network of British Columbia
Canada is a broadly based not- for-profit society that exists to celebrate the contributions women have made to the history of the province. Composed of women who research, discuss, write about and care about women's history, it provides opportunities for networking and for sharing information. The Network includes as members archivists, teachers, professors, writers, genealogists, students and others interested in the field of women's history.

The Women of Aspenland
The Women of Aspenland Virtual Exhibit places artifacts and archival materials—the stuff of heritage collections—within a context of meaning. It is an entry point into a region in Central Alberta that is defined by its geography—both physical and human. The lives of women are at the heart of it and their activities, over a period of nearly 100 years, are viewed against the backdrop of settlement and modern history. The website has three sections.

Ukrainian Museum of Canada Workshop on Women Writers

What Women Want

Women at Work

Women’s History in the Postal Unions

Women in BC History

Women’s Studies Records

Women Who Made a Difference

If you go to the virtual exhibit site of Archives Canada and do a keyword search for “women” – you get about 15 exhibits. In essence, each provincial archives / archives association will have an online exhibit with women as its partial or entire theme. The Library and Archives Canada also has additional exhibits, including material on the Famous Five, Catherine Parr Traill, a female war artist, etc.

Student & Academic Services for The Alberta Women's Memory Project - Last Updated March 11, 2021


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