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Material History

Memorabilia, Artifacts and Collectables

Aside from written or printed records, other evidence survives that can illuminate the history of women in Alberta. This evidence is all around us in the materials of everyday life — a cooking spoon, a baseball uniform, a special saddle, a pillowcase or a pincushion, plain or carefully embroidered. Items used, made and remade for personal or family use, or as gifts for friends, carry the imprint of time and place, and can reveal patterns of practice or personal history that enrich our understanding of women’s lives.

We are enmeshed in materials from birth to death, materials steeped with memories; each generation has experienced different material worlds from those found today. The goods made or used by Alberta’s women are part of a rich cultural heritage that must be preserved. Material evidence from Alberta’s past will enable present and future generations to explore and to celebrate Alberta’s women, giving voice to those who might otherwise be mute.

Contact us if you have material you think you might want to preserve.

Important Alberta Material Collections

Department of Human Ecology, University of Alberta Clothing and Textiles Collection

Alberta Women's Institute Handicrafts and Collectibles

Student & Academic Services for The Alberta Women's Memory Project - Last Updated June 30, 2016

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